Kevin Kendle

Kevin’s music is inspired by nature and landscapes, and is very suitable for any situation where a calming atmosphere is desired such as aromatherapy, therapeutic treatments or relaxation in the home. A careful programming and selection of sounds give his music an organic, timeless feel.

Kevin uses a variety of equipment to create evocative and atmospheric soundscapes that are organically layered with the sounds of nature, recorded near his home in the Hertfordshire countryside which inspires him.

A self-taught sound engineer, Kevin’s audio expertise is widely acknowledged, and his audio mastering skills are highly sought after. He has been responsible for mastering hundreds of albums, many by well-known artists in his field of music.

Specialising in the genres of Ambient/New Age/Chillout, his music is regularly used around the world in various broadcast applications. He has produced music for theatres and production companies including BBC television & radio and his work has been used internationally. His "Clouds" album has become a worldwide bestseller.

Top tracks by Kevin Kendle

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